A Day In The Life

I wanted to challenge myself with a little project. One just because I’ve always wanted to try and do this. Two because I really wanted to push myself to pick up my camera, because I haven’t been feeling super motivated or creative lately. 

I’ve been saying how much I’ve been enjoying my documentary approached images lately, so what better project than a day in the life. 

The goal, take a picture every hour for the awake part of my day. I started this on a normal weekday. Shooting every hour from 7:30 am and I actually ended at 2:30pm. 

What I did enjoy about this project was how much I was forced to document the scene exactly like it was. And although I don’t really believe that I had any magical captures, I do believe by forcing myself to shoot purely what is for every hour, had a few upsides. Like seeing new light in certain spots in my home, and having a picture I probably never would have taken had I not done this project. 

I was forced to move around and really look for a better perspective and really let go of the idea of perfection. Actually I think that’s probably the biggest positive that came out of this. 

I also will note that it did get me to pick up my camera. All in all I did enjoy this project and I’m looking forward to trying to do it again, but maybe not so strict to the hour, and hopefully then I can make it all the way through bedtime.